Sygole SG-HT-xT are high-frequency special date carriers that withstand high temperature,acid-base corrosion,etc.Their operating frequency is 13.56MHz,supporting the ISO -15693 protocol. The robust housing made of high-rigidity crystalline resin engineering plastic,which has the advantages of stable structure,high temperature resistance,non-toxicity,chemical corrosion resistance and good insulation performance. They can be used in rigid and durable mechanical products,electrical products that require heat and flame resistance,and chemical devices that require corrosion resistance. They are also widely used in the manufacture of glass screens.


Material sorting,Workpiece identification,Mixed flow production,Glassware control tracking


Operating frequency is 13.56MHz,supporting ISO-15693 protocol

Read and write distance: 0-200mm (related to antennas and readers)

High sensitivity,strong anti-interference ability

Large storage capacity

IP68 protection grade for harsh environments

Can be offset,silk screen,spray code,can be customized according to requirements