Exhibition Preview | AHTE 2019, Sygole Will Meet You Again In Shanghai

2019 Shanghai International Assembly & Handling Technology Exhibition(AHTE)

    Time: 03-06 July 2019    

    Venue: SHANGHAI New International Expo Centre (No. 2345 ,longyang road, pudong new area, Shanghai)

    Sygole Booth No. : E2 Hall - G12

Exhibition Information

     As an industry event to demonstrate production assembly automation integration, feeding and material transfer technology, transmission and transfer process optimization, and connection technology.AHTE held since 2006, greatly promoted the Asian auto parts, electronics, household appliances manufacturing, medical, elevators, food, beverage, packaging, new energy vehicles, tobacco and daily chemical industry such as automatic upgrade, It promotes the wide application of new products, new technologies and new ideas, and makes the production process of enterprises more systematic, more efficient, more intelligent and lower cost.

The Exhibits Preview

A full range of RFID product lines suitable for automotive manufacturing

Powertrain Machine Wiring

     In view of the application of powertrain machine wiring, Sygole has brought products tracing, data collection, life cycle control model of tools, molds, fixtures and data screws.

In this model, the RFID data carriers are embedded into the cutter. At the identification node, the reader can collect the cutter information in the RFID data carriers and provide it to the background for processing, so as to realize the full life cycle management of the cutter. The data screw is embedded into the cylinder block and cylinder head blank, which gives the processing blank with identity information, processing sequence information, and recording processing status information. The induction data communication realizes reliable identification in a comprehensive automatic process, making the processing data transmission of the whole production line simpler.

Assembly, welding, coating production line

    The high frequency HT series of high temperature data carrier launched by Sygole suitable for the high temperature and high corrosion production environment of automatic coating production line. Its heat-resistant temperature of 220 degrees Celsius, It can meet the special needs of high temperature and acid-base corrosion resistance, We use highly rigid crystalline resin engineering plastics, with stable structure, high temperature resistant, non-toxic, flame retardant, resistance to chemical corrosion, insulation performance is good wait for an advantage.This series can be used in mechanical products with rigidity and durability, electrical products requiring heat and fire resistance, and chemical devices requiring corrosion resistance.

▷Sygole I84 assembly manufacturing UHF reader: multi-protocol compatibility, support extended multi-channel RF output, with batch identification speed, high accuracy, long distance identification, convenient networking and other characteristics.

▷Vehicle-borne data carrier and skid electronic data carrier: This data carrier  is composed of a series of flexible anti-metal tags which can be used in the whole process of vehicle manufacturing, engine manufacturing and flexible anti-metal tags. It adopts highly integrated RFID chip and innovative antenna design, in the base material, antenna design, code carrier structure material after special design processing, and in the production process after strict testing, the product has excellent reading and writing performance, high sensitivity.

Vehicle RFID Bluetooth Reader for Logistics


(1) Multi-protocol compatibility (EPC Global Class l Gen 2 / is0-18000-6c), support Chinese, north American, European standards.

(2) It support RS-232, bluetooth and other (configurable) communication mode, convenient and car industrial control computer connection application.

(3) It provide isolated I/O port, can detect the external sensor input, and output control signal.


(1) It support anti-collision algorithm, batch label recognition speed is more than 400 pieces/second, high recognition accuracy.

(2) It support receiving signal strength detection (RSSI).

(3) It support four-channel polling, can be used for multi-antenna data acquisition, improve the coverage area of equipment data acquisition, and read the ground position tag through a single antenna.

(4)It can connect different antennas through the feeder, with appropriate labels, to meet the requirements of different identification distance.

(5) It uses die-casting aluminum alloy shell, with good heat dissipation effect.

Sygole AGV industry RFID application system

    According to the characteristics of AGV industry, the software, hardware and structure are optimized.Sygole launched AGV series RFID products, which integrate RFID technology to realize intelligent handling of AGV. In this demonstration, Sygole uses the car with the matching AGV electronic code body to run at high speed within the measurable range of the reader, showing the advantages of fast and stable performance.

Access Door Identification Device Suitable For Logistics

    We can deal with the logistics warehouse management in a low degree of refinement, the inconsistency of the account and the object, the missing or inaccurate information of the location of the goods, the manual accounting or the manual entry of the system, the efficiency under the system.

    Sygole products are oriented to the whole industry warehousing, pallet operation and other industries, and launch access door identification device suitable for logistics, real-time identification of landmark tags and pallet tags, It automatically associated and bound the location, logistics movement information and item information, and can automatically update the records of warehousing, inventory, pick-up, storage transfer and delivery without manual input, so as to ensure strict consistency of accounts and goods.


Solutions: I-DAC Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions

More wonderful exhibits, welcome to the scene.

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