Sygole Group Building---Stay True To the Mission,Welcome New Starting Points and New Journeys

    On 15th Dec, 2018 Guangdong Sygole organized staff to hold a winter tour at Zengcheng. In order to enhance the vitality of the enterprise, enhance the team cohesiveness, to create a happy work and life, enrich the amateur cultural life of the employees, and showcase the innovative features of the staff of Sygole, who loves the enterprise, love life and positive spirit. 


First of all, come to the Hezhouzhou Wetland Park in the east of Guangzhou, which has know as “A river of spring drunk Visitors, Flowers from both sides view Lixiang”. The water quality of Zengjiang River is clear and enjoys the beautiful scenery of the two sides.


   Afterwards, everyone went to Zengcheng Liantang Greenway to ride a bicycle and experience the local “Liantang Spring” rural scenery and taste the farmhouse feast, and enjoy the leisure and fitness sightseeing.


  The winter sun is gentle, the sky is washed like a breeze, and the bright sunshine is shining from the gap between the branches and leaves, becoming a golden spot, shining the light of the gauze-like mist.


    Finally, everyone went to the most anticipated attraction--the Baishuizhai Provincial Scenic Area (National 4A-level Scenic Spot), which is known as the “Glorious Emerald on the Tropic of the North”, and watched the largest waterfall in the mainland of China with a drop of 428.5 meters. It has the only hydrophilic plank road built by sea boat wood in the country and the longest hiking trail in Guangdong, "Tiannan First Ladder". It spans three mountains and connects two Tianchi, with a total length of 6.6 kilometers and a total of 9999 stone steps. The air is fresh and the content of negative ions is high. Near the Baishuixian Waterfall, the air anion content reaches 1123.8 million per cubic centimeter, which is the "big oxygen bar" for relaxing the lungs.


Walking in natural places, feeling the natural atmosphere, comfortable mood and close contact with nature, enjoying the beautiful scenery, commemorating each other, sharing the work experience and sharing life, stimulating the passion for work and life in comprehension !

Thinking for a long time, the gathering is for energy, Stay True To the Mission,Welcome New Starting Points and New Journeys.

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