Exhibition Preview | Two Exhibitions at May, Sygole Sincerely Invite You Visit Us

1. China (South China) International Robotics and Automation Exhibition

Exhibition Information



       China (South China) International Robotics and Automation Exhibition is the first exhibition of the China International Industry Fair Advantage Exhibition (Robot Exhibition and Industrial Automation Exhibition) in South China. The automation products and technology as the intelligent hardware core, Based on intelligent equipment and core components of industrial robots.  It is an international event for intelligent manufacturing of total solutions for industrial applications.

   The organizers joined hands with the superior exhibitors of the Robot Show (RS) and Automation Show (IAS) of the Industry Fair to land the Dongguang city which called  “South China Industrial Exhibition Capital”. Combined with the development characteristics of the fastest growing South China manufacturing industry. To build a boutique exhibition which based on robotics and automation as the technoloies and equipment core.

Here are our sincerely invitation, looking forward to your coming.

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2. China (Guangzhou) International Logistics Equipment and Technology Exhibition

Exhibition Information

        China (Guangzhou) International Logistics Equipment and Technology Exhibition is the largest international exhibition in the logistics equipment industry in South China, focusing on Hi-Tech products and technology such as intelligent forklifts, logistics system integration, logistics robots, AGV, green carrying , lithium battery fast charging , laser slam unmaned guidance, smart factory solutions. It  promote and realize intelligent, automated and informational logistics, and apply the advanced manufacturing, Internet, the latest concepts of industry 4.0 to enterprise production. Combined with CeMAT Global resources to create a higer quality enterprise display,exchange and platform of cooperation for South China market. 

We are waiting for you, big surprise are here only for you. 


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