Exhibition Preview | AIAE 2019, Let's Meet In Beijing

15th China Beijing International Industrial Automation Exhibition, 2019


Venue: China International Exhibition Center(CIEC)

Sygole’s Booth: No.8802 ,Hall 7


Exhibition Information

    AIAE China Beijing international industrial automation exhibition covers a number of industry important fields, including robotics, image technology, sensors, industrial measurement, connection systems, transmission and mechanical drive systems and control technologies, etc., to provide China's rapid growth and increasingly sophisticated manufacturing industry with advancing solutions, is the ideal trading platform to explore the huge Chinese market.

    The 15th China Beijing International Industrial Automation Exhibition  2019 (AIAE  BEIJING ) is the only national, international and specializedautomation exhibition in China. It is the largest and most authoritative automation event in the Asia-Pacific region. It is a shortcut for the global automation brand to enter the Chinese market. The Chinese automation brand shows its strength to the world. It brings together all kinds of industrial automation, industrial robot, intelligent automobile and VR technology on the platform of automation and robot exhibition. It is the booster of brand promotion and channel expansion of industrial intelligent automation enterprises, and an important channel to spread new automation and robot market.

Exhibition Preview

Industrial RFID-I Series Product Line


Solutions: I-DAC Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions


Access Door Identification Device Suitable For Logistics

     We can deal with the logistics warehouse management in a low degree of refinement, the inconsistency of the account and the object, the missing or inaccurate information of the location of the goods, the manual accounting or the manual entry of the system, the efficiency under the system, and the like.   

  Sygole products are oriented to the whole industry warehousing, pallet operation and other industries, and launch access door identification device suitable for logistics, real-time identification of landmark tags and pallet tags, It automatically associated and bound the location, logistics movement information and item information, and can automatically update the records of warehousing, inventory, pick-up, storage transfer and delivery without manual input, so as to ensure strict consistency of accounts and goods.


  More wonderful exhibits, welcome to the scene.



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